Jul 5, 2015

Too long it's been. Hi!

Has it been an year already? Used to be, not so long ago, that I checked the blog once in a while and killed myself to post something on it just to keep it going. What am I doing now with this post you ask? Umm, the same!?
So, in the final year of residency now (yay!).
Can't wait to jump into the real world.
So long!

Jun 17, 2014

Of being 26, wise and otherwise.

HI! So it's been an year..what an year this has been! Figured out life, got married, got into the nighmarish "dream" course, moved out, and such stuff.
Although I 'still' love being what I'am profession wise, not a morning goes without hating going back to the hospital, dreading it, expecting the worse and planning to quit, staying home and being a good hindu housewife. Arrrrgh. I want juniors I say!
So this sums up..what I have been doing for the last one year..
(Why did I suddenly get a mood to share this boring stuff you ask? New laptop Yo! )